Returning for a second year, with new innovations:

July 15-17, 2022 • Pharmacy Hackathon • Virtual Event


$5000 Top Prize 

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Canada's Most Innovative Pharmacy Event 

HackRx2022 will feature hackers across the disciplines of pharmacy, medicine, computer science and engineering to develop new innovations and enhancements for the Canadian pharmacy practice.

Featuring a thrilling weekend of competition, workshops, and speakers, HackRx2022 will be the premier hub of pharmacy technology discussion and growth.

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A Meeting of Minds

Working in interprofessional teams, participants will compete to create the most innovative and impactful projects to support the delivery of improved pharmacy care. 

Exposed to new problems and perspectives, participants will be challenged in exciting new ways as they combine technical ability with clinical thinking.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where is HackRx2022 Happening? 

It will take place on July 15-17 2022 and will be completely virtual!

How many hackers per team?

Each team can have up to 5 hackers!

Do I have to know how to code before hand?

Not at all! HackRx2022 is the chance to explore new ideas and learn new skills. Various workshops and mentors will be available to you to help you get set up.

What if I don't have a team? Can I come solo?

Yes you can! Solo hackers are welcome but team formation events will take place as well to help you get your dream team together if you want one. 

What will the hacking idea of the hackathon be?

The specific hacking idea HackRx2022 will be pursuing will be revealed once the event begins. 

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